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Press Release Distribution

Advanced Press Release Services

  • Distribute Your Press Release to Thousands of High Profile News Agencies
  • Get & Receive Press Coverage in All Applicable Trade Magazines & Publications
  • Press Releases Are Personalized & Highly Targeted to Editors, Reporters, Journalists and Program Directors
  • Various Distribution Options Including Email, News Wires, Web Linking, Fax and Audio Distribution
  • Professional Writers are on Staff to Write Your Press Release
  • Extensive Press & Media Database with Contacts that Cover Thousands of Subjects
  • Hosting of Your Press Release with Link on our Authority Web Site at
  • GUARANTEED Press & Media Coverage for Your Press Release

Advanced PR Service: An Integral Piece of the Internet Marketing Puzzle

In your effort to drive traffic to your website, draw in new customers, and upsell and cross-sell your products and services, don’t overlook the power of the media! Sending out a press release may seem old-school, but it’s really not. It is a high-impact strategy that can pay for itself a hundredfold. We combine traditional media and New Media methodologies to deliver BOTH short-term and long-term benefits to your business.

Our PR services have been tailored to meet your needs. Whether you want to reach journalists in your city, in a few key media markets, or across the U.S., we deliver results. Our expert services will directly reach targeted contacts from the mainstream media, niche publications, the blogosphere, and online news sites. Getting your press release into the right hands exponentially increases the chance that your news story will catch the interest of influential media contacts, who can then spread the word about your company, product, or service. 


Advanced Press Release Services

Choose the Press Release Distribution that Fits YOUR Needs! We are able to tailor our distribution locally, regionally, or nationally.

National Distribution - Email distribution to media contacts who cover topics related to the subject of your press release. Choose to target all U.S. media contacts OR up to five designated media markets (Click To View DMAs). ALSO includes web site linking on prominent online news distribution sites. Ideal for companies, products, and services that have broad appeal, or that are targeting a particular niche.

Examples: An online store that draws customers from across the country; or a company that wants to reach trade publications relating to sporting goods, outdoor recreation, and camping. A consultant who wants greater coverage in financial centers might select New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, and Philadelphia;

Regional Distribution - Email distribution to media contacts who cover topics related to the subject of your press release. Target up to three designated media markets (Click To View DMAs). ALSO includes web site linking on prominent online news distribution sites. YOU choose the media markets. Distribute your PR to fewer media contacts, but focus on location. Ideal for regional events and announcements.

Example: A Northern California music festival might select San Francisco, Sacramento and Reno. 

Local Distribution - Email distribution to media contacts who cover topics related to the subject of your press release. Target one designated media market (Click To View DMAs). ALSO includes web site linking on prominent online news distribution sites. YOU choose the media market. Give your press release complete saturation within a single geographic area. Ideal for local events and press conferences.

Example: An organization in Minneapolis is holding a fundraiser and wants to blanket the Minneapolis-St. Paul media.


Optional Features

  • Press Release Writing Service - Our professional authors will craft your press release for you, finding the hook that will grab the media's attention.
  • AP NewsWire Fax Service - Highly Recommended
  • Radio Station Fax Service
  • TV / Cable Station Fax Service
  • Audio PR Creation - Our reporters will create a professional audio version of your press release that radio stations can insert into their news broadcasts.
  • Yahoo NewsWire Distribution (Required for all publicly-held company PR distributions)
Client Testimonial

"Six months ago I used your Advanced Press Release Distribution service on a friend's recommendation. I have to say it has been the smartest marketing decision I have made to date. The exposure my business has received has been tremendous. I have had photos of my product appear in at least 15 publications including 2 major magazines, and have had feature articles written about me and my product in various newspapers, including my local paper who did a full page article with pictures. To this day, I'm still getting interest from magazine editors. Your service has really helped me to grow my business and given me the exposure to add credibility to my product. I highly recommend Majon's Advanced Press Release Distribution service as a wise investment of your marketing dollars. It's a small amount of money to spend for a large return to your business. Thank you Majon!"

Leigh-Ann Kline
Designer and President

The Big Picture for a Media & Press Strategy

A solid media and public relations strategy starts with understanding the big picture. Here are FOUR things you need to know:

1. The old rules don’t apply. Influential journalists cross over traditional media boundaries. In today’s media landscape, a mention in a blog post that goes viral can have a bigger impact than a mention in the New York Times. A sound media strategy must include reaching reporters in the blogosphere as well as the mainstream media.

2. Journalists gather information from many channels. Just like the rest of us, journalists are information consumers with preferences. Some journalists rely primarily on email to gather information to write stories, while others prefer to browse news sites on the Web. Radio stations are more likely to run press releases if they’re delivered as pre-packaged audio content. Newspaper newsrooms are old school, and often overlook email in favor of faxed press releases. When you use multiple delivery channels (email, Web, fax, audio), the chances of having your message picked up by the media increases exponentially.

3. Journalists are overworked. Media outlets – whether traditional or online – have to deliver more news with fewer resources. These days, there’s no such thing as a 24-hour news cycle. Journalists are expected to produce new content for multiple outlets virtually around the clock. An effective media relations strategy delivers information in a plug-in format that makes journalists’ work easier. This means sending professionally written press releases that read as news stories and providing audio that can be played over the airwaves is most effective.

4. Press releases plant seeds that must be nurtured. Journalists are information hoarders. If a reporter receives a press release but isn’t working on a relevant story, he or she will likely squirrel it away for future use. Because they’re overworked, journalists keep contact information handy for easily accessible experts. A sound media strategy involves sending out multiple press releases at regular intervals to remind reporters that the expert on a given subject is just a phone call or email away.

Why Use Majon International's Advanced PR Service?

Advanced PR will reach a wide distribution list (over 690,000 media contacts and hundreds of online news sites), while targeting the people you need to reach. Your press release gets fast delivery (usually within 48 hours), and will be in the right hands - all at a very low cost! Additionally, we have developed quality "brand name" recognition for our press release services and press release distributions. This helps you garner more press release exposure and consideration than if it were sent from anywhere else. Our Advanced PR service will save you time and money, and get you results… SALES results!

Your press release will be sent to our media contacts across the country that cover YOUR press release topic, or within sepcified geographic regions that YOU choose.

We meticulously add to and maintain our media contact database each and every day. You can be sure to reach the best and most up-to-date contacts for your business! Plus, your press release will be PERSONALIZED as it is sent directly to the appropriate targeted media contacts who will be most interested in your press release. No other press and media service can even come close to the value that Majon's Advanced PR offers!

Majon’s Advanced Press Release Services deliver the six cornerstones of an effective media relations strategy:

  • General Email Press Release Distribution - Your press release will be distributed via email to two distinct lists. The first is a list of over 4,000 media contacts who have asked to receive our clients’ press releases. These contacts understand that Majon International is a dependable source of up-to-the-minute information about products, services, and companies.


  • Targeted Email Press Release Distribution - Your press release will also be distributed to a highly targeted list of 200 to 2,000 media contacts who regularly publish or broadcast stories related to your specific product, service, or company. These names are gathered from an enormous database of newspaper, magazine, television, and radio journalists, as well as influential bloggers. Your press release is delivered to the in-boxes of precisely those contacts who report on the topic of your release.


  • Web Distribution - Your press release will be distributed to news release aggregators on the Web, which delivers value in two ways. First, journalists who prefer to gather sources via the Web will have easy access to your press release and contact information. Second, Web distribution delivers valuable one-way backlinks to your website, which helps to raise your search engine ranking while delivering direct traffic to your website.


  • Professional Writing Services - By taking advantage of our optional press release WRITING service, you can be assured that your press release will be professionally written by experienced writers that will promote your business in ways that appeal to journalists, reporters and editors. Your press release will be written similar to a news story, so that overworked reporters can republish it with little extra effort.


  • Press Release Distribution Via Fax - Our optional fax service ensures that a physical copy of your press release will get into the right hands. Newspapers and major broadcast media outlets rely on faxed press releases to find experts and make editorial decisions. Some newswires rely almost exclusively on faxed press releases, which often gain widespread distribution.


  • Audio Press Release Distribution - With our optional audio service, your press release is crafted into an audio package that sounds just like an experienced CNN reporter did a feature on your press release and business. These audio pr's are delivered to targeted radio stations using our press release service. In addition, you can use the audio link as a multimedia element on your website.

It’s tough to put a dollar value on seeing your company’s name in print, watching your spokesperson on television, or hearing your company mentioned on the radio. It’s certain, though, that the value far exceeds that of any paid advertising you may do. Regular, effective press releases complement and add value to your other Internet marketing strategies. In addition to garnering immediate media attention, Majon’s Advanced Press Release Services ensure that you plant and nurture the seeds that will bring you valuable media attention in the weeks, months, and years to come.

Our Press Release Distribution Database has over 690,000+ press contacts, UPDATED DAILY with many TARGETED categories, some of these are divided into TWO very large files for your review!… (Our media database has many additional categories and subcategories that are not shown within these already very large files.)

Check out our list of additional press release services that we offer.  These include press release writing services, TV and radio faxed press releases, audio press releases (they sound just like a CNN reporter) and more!

When utilizing our Advanced Press Release service, your company's press release (we suggest up to one page of information written in the style of a news article) will typically be sent thousands of targeted media contacts and outlets. Click here to see an example press release of a successful online press release.

WE GUARANTEE Your Press Release Success!

Everyone who orders the Advanced-PR service for their business WILL GET VALUABLE PRESS and MEDIA ATTENTION! WE GUARANTEE your success! If you don't get any media or press coverage that YOU know about then just let us know and we will ask you to make a few changes to your PR news release and then we will redistribute your updated press release again for FREE!!! That's our GUARANTEE!

Also as a Special Value-Added Service…
For an additional $140 we will FAX your press release to all the TOP news wire services, news bureaus and news syndicates. These include: Reuters News Wire, Associated Press International (API), United Press International (UPI), Times-Mirror News Wire plus over 200 more! Just ONE mention on ANY of these various news wire services typically results in a minimum of 25 major city newspapers picking up your press release and story! This FAX service is only available as an additional media service when purchasing our Advanced-PR service - so if you want maximum exposure you will want BOTH the email and fax media distribution services.

Advanced Press Release Service

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Advanced Press Release Services

National PR Distribution

Distribution to U.S. media contacts or up to 5 designated media markets (DMAs)

(Additional distribution options are available after adding to cart)  

Currently Unavailable

Regional PR Distribution

Targeted distribution to up to 3 designated media markets (DMAs)

(Additional distribution options are available after adding to cart)

Currently Unavailable

Local PR Distribution

Targeted distribution to one designated media market (DMA)

(Additional distribution options are available after adding to cart)  

Currently Unavailable
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