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Indie Musicians Find Audiences

Today, indie musicians have a much more direct link with their potential audiences: the Internet.
Added Tue Mar 11 2008

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Punk Rock T-Shirts and Clothing

Today, punk rock T-shirts, Oi! gothic clothing, and emo bondage clothing are widely worn, each reflecting the more encompassing punk rock attitude.
Added Thu Mar 06 2008

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Piano Lessons by Ear on DVDs

For many people, learning to play piano by ear is an incredibly enriching and rewarding experience - much more so than learning to read music.
Added Sun Feb 17 2008

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Independent Music Blossoms

Today, the Internet provides unprecedented opportunities for independent music to find an audience. Unsigned bands and solo singers can now build a fan base that will not only listen to their music, but to buy MP3 downloads.
Added Wed Nov 14 2007

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Accordions Are Popular Again!

Making appearances in productions ranging from those of Cirque du Soleil to albums from top name rock stars, the accordion's unique sound is getting some well-deserved attention.
Added Sun Sep 30 2007

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Leather Harmonica Cases

For players who like to carry their harmonicas with them, there are a variety of leather harmonica cases that serve to protect harps in style. Here are some of the most popular...
Added Thu Sep 27 2007

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Karaoke MP3 Players

Back in the late 1990s, MP3 players revolutionized the way people listen to music. Today, karaoke MP3 players are revolutionizing the way people sing.
Added Mon Sep 10 2007

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Never Forget the Lyrics!

Because of shows like "Don't Forget the Lyrics!" and "The Singing Bee," karaoke MP3 players are emerging as one of the hot new gadgets in the marketplace.
Added Fri Sep 07 2007

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Home Karaoke Music Players

When you're in the market for a home karaoke music player, how do you know which to choose? Read about the top four home karaoke music players...
Added Sun Sep 02 2007

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Karaoke Gets Personal

People enjoy singing and performing, and there's no device that's more successfully leveled the playing field for public performances than the karaoke machine.
Added Wed Aug 29 2007

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Trend: Handheld Karaoke

The latest trend in hot gadgets is to turn Mp3 players and Mp3 downloads into personal karaoke machines.
Added Tue Aug 28 2007

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Rap Music: History and Genres

Those who are young or relatively new to the HipHop culture don't realize that Rap Music has many different genres. Read on to learn more....
Added Sun Jul 15 2007

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A Houston DJ for a Perfect Wedding

These simple guidelines will help you find the Houston disc jockey that is a perfect fit for your wedding.
Added Wed Jul 11 2007

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Guide to Harmonicas

Learn why harmonicas are so popular and what different styles and types are available...
Added Tue Jul 10 2007

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Guide to the Ukulele

Ukuleles are small guitar-like instruments that have been popular in Hawaii for many years. Musicians everywhere enjoy playing these today. Learn about the different types and styles of ukuleles in this article...
Added Sat Jun 30 2007

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Finding the Right Harmonica

If you want to learn to play the harp and are planning to take instruction, you should understand the different types of harmonicas that are available.
Added Sat Jun 16 2007

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Enter a Songwriting Contest!

Dreaming of one day becoming a musician or songwriter? Here are some great tips to get started with your songwriting career...
Added Wed Apr 04 2007

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Tips for Finding Unique Music

Learn ways to expand your music collection without searching music stores for hours and hours. Fabulous, unique music is at your fingertips...
Added Mon Oct 30 2006

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Keeping Rock and Roll Alive

Is Rock and Roll destined to go the way of Big Band music - a quaint but dated genre appreciated only by a certain generation? Rock and roll fans answer that question with an emphatic "No way!"
Added Wed Aug 16 2006

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Hangout: Records are Number One

Music is a great way to bring people together, to break the ice, to help the passage of time, and just get the job done in a more enjoyable manner. If you get together with friends to hangout, records can make it that much more fun.
Added Sat May 27 2006

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Recording Studios Make Music Soar

Recording studios may seem intimidating to the musician who is taking the leap, but the reality is that there are high quality, low cost recording studios that can make the transition painless.
Added Fri Mar 03 2006

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The Right Time for Piano Lessons

Many parents embrace the idea of piano lessons for their children, but wonder when beginner piano lessons are appropriate.
Added Wed Oct 12 2005

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