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Majon International 1995-01-01
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"My family and I created a website in order to bring people together to help one another in times of need. We were not sure how to spread our word and started doing research on promoting our site. This is how we came across Majon International's website which we found very thorough and affordable compared to the many other sites we came across. I was actually looking at a cheaper product and decided to call Majon and discuss our websites goal. After speaking with a representative and looking at our options, we chose to do a press release and now we are very happy we did. Since our press release, we have been contacted by radio stations, websites and publications such as the well known, Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine who wants to do an article on us entitled called - Ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things on the internet. Since our press release with Majon International, our site's average hits per day is 750 plus and seems to be increasing daily. We also had a one day high of 8,292 hits recently. Thanks Majon!!"

Chris Morency
Favors Unlimited
"Thank you so much, you guys are the best company I have dealt with in Online Marketing. I appreciate all your help. Thanks Majon!"

Devin Scott Hinton
"As a web site owner running a small business on line, I rely on website traffic to sell my merchandise. I have tried and spent many thousands of dollars trying to drive traffic to my site. But not untill I signed up with did that really happen. My traffic went from a trickle to a torrent flow, and it saved my business. I am very grateful to the good folks at for being there when I needed them, and for saving my business. They also have a great customer support department. For the amount they charge for their services, they are about the best in delivering targeted traffic to your online business. Give them a shot, I'm glad I did."

Olindo Martins
"I have been doing business online for 3 years and the main problem was always to get the much needed hits that are so important to survive as an internet business. Majon International was the answer to my problem as the visitors to my business site increased shortly after using your service. I know this for sure because I even discontinued the service to make sure it was no coincidence. Indeed the increased traffic and visitors came from my association with Majon Int. and now I am back!"

Fitz Houston
"I have a unique and original necktie website and have had problems finding the time to investigate appropriate links in order to increase site popularity and attract more customers. I have also been burned by false promotion promises in the past. So when one of my trusted ezines told my about, I decided to give it a try and order Majon International's Mail Link service. Almost immediately my sales doubled and have been increasing ever since. I expect to have a spectacular Holiday thanks to Majon!"

Linda Magee
"Your company is such a pleasure to work with! I have worked with some other companies and have had some bad experiences with very bad service. Thank you for your promptness, excellent service, and integrity."

Kathy Vitello, CMD
Vitello & Associates, Inc.
"I am a client of yours for two web sites. I'd love to give you a testimonial for both....
"I recently became a member of Majon Mall link. My book took the number one position for "spiritual growth book" on Yahoo! within days. Within a few short weeks I developed numerous number one listings for my second website on major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN."

Donald Schnell
The Power of Love Foundation
The Initiation
"After being a Majon Mall Link customer for several years, I had accidentally let my Mall Link service at Majon lapse do to an expired credit card problem. After Majon removed my web site link from their malls in February, boy was I in for a shock! Within a couple of weeks our long standing high ranking positions in the search engines just plummeted... I was doing some other advertising at the time with other companies and I couldn't figure out what had happened. Then after ordering some Clickexposure web traffic from Majon and talking with one of their staff members I learned that my Mall Link service was no longer active - since February - exactly the time that my listing and rankings in the search engines started taking a nose dive! Well, rest assured I am back! Majon's Mall Link service is the best marketing you can buy and is tops with me! Thank you Majon! Oh... by the way that staff member that I talked to at Majon, turned out to be the company president! He updated my clickexposure campaign, looked over my site and gave me free tips and advice on how to improve my site! I have not received this high level of personal service from any other marketing company - ever!"

Lisa Wells, RN