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"Just want you to know that after many years of using emailing services, you are not only the very best, but the most professional, accountable, and reliable service I've ever used."

Jerry Brodsky, Chairman

The following testimonial was received from Susan P. Peterson, Party Maker Discount Store


"OK, You are only reading these testimonial pages for these reasons:

1) Should I go with to promote my eCommerce website?
2) How can they do what they say for such a low price?
3) Are their advertising and marketing services effective?
4) Do their advertising and marketing programs really work? 

Let me tell you, there is no one or no other company that has been more diligent in getting the answers to these questions than our business.  As a relatively new startup business, Party Maker Discount Store had a limited budget, and wanted true results fast, for a reasonable price, (not charge many thousands of dollars like all the others). 
We wanted an advertising marketing company that over delivers and "stands by their products". We can save you months of work (and lost sales while you delay) on checking with all the many references, reading all their testimonials, and contacting each one like we did.  We researched this ourselves and made dozens of phone calls and interviewed customers for over two months.  We can tell you that has made a huge difference in our business results. 
We have used all the following Majon advertising and marketing products, and each one exceeded our expectations:  WebTraffic Builder Promotion Pack 1, Click Exposure, Safe Announce emails to millions of "opt in users",  excellent Articles Ads content articles that Majon has written about our website, Search Engine Submission, and most recently Advanced Press Releases. 

At this moment, try it: search either Yahoo or Google for "Party Store Franchise" or "Party Maker" and you will quickly see our website is listed usually very high on the first page of the search results in both of the major search engines that the majority of customers use!  What more can I say You can read more about our success, by reading our press release that was distributed by for us to over 12,000 Media, TV, Newspaper, and internet recipients! 
Finally I want to state that... we rarely give testimonials like this except to companies that really do warrant this kind of praise.  Also, we get nothing extra for this from; we are just a regular customer that has had great success using advertising and marketing programs . Thanks!"
Susan P. Peterson
Party Maker Discount Store
PS. One last final thought... please do not email us for additional information... why?  Because, we are busy fulfilling orders as a result of all the advertising we are doing with!
"Thank you for the update and for creating our custom listing. I must say, you guys do operate on a highly professional level. Nice working with you and I will definately be using your PR services again in the future."

Harry Lawrence
"You folks are the best! Thank you. I have seen our traffic double since using your Mall Link service. You have helped our company and its bottom line. AWESOME, thats what the Mall Link service is... just Awesome!"

James Bradshaw
President and CEO
"I purchased the Web Traffic Builder Pack to promote my new eCourse on How to Master Stress in Rapidly Changing Times. Being a clinical hypnotist and not an Internet Marketer, it was incredibly refreshing to be able to talk to Majon marketing specialists on the phone (Marti, a real gem!), get immediate help and answers to my questions, super professional follow up and actually have them do what they promised.
 Within 24 hours of my Traffic Pack program starting, I was contacted by the Associated Press, ParentGuide magazine and Time Inc. as well as numerous other magazines and journals which are requesting to write articles on my specialty subject of Stress Mastery. My newsletter subscription and information requests on my programs literally DOUBLED overnight compared to the entire prior month’s marketing efforts with other companies, AND THE PROGRAM WITH MAJON JUST STARTED! I am so impressed that I became a Majon affiliate and am telling all my friends and associates about it. I will also use Majon to promote my global meditation non-profit site where some real good work is happening.
 Thank you Marti, Monique and the entire Majon team for making my life so much easier! I can now focus on what I am good at and let Majon be my marketing department. I am beside myself with gratitude and creativity for the greater things I can now do since I am freed up from having to concern myself with the details of generating traffic."

Joseph R. Giove
"Web Traffic Genie is a really, really good service! Thanks so much for being so good at what you do!"

Frank Johnson
"This would have to be the pinnacle in traffic exchange network advertising! Let me tell you that after spending weeks sending mass mailouts and joining this and that to try and advertise my product, I found Web Traffic Genie and received more real visitors to my site in the first hour than I had by sending out over 25 million emails and listing over 300 text links with other companies. I'm am just overwhelmed by the response and the simplicity of the system overall. You all deserve a very big WELL DONE and THANK YOU! I will NOT be going anywhere else for my advertising from now on. Thanks Majon!"

Dave Gilbert