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Majon International 1995-01-01
(805) 270-5585 PO Box 880
Arroyo GrandeCA 93421
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About Majon International...

Majon International was founded in 1988 as a professional marketing company providing exclusive marketing, advertising, public relations and promotional services to various business clients throughout the world. Majon's marketing focus helped launch several dynamic new and novel products both nationally and internationally. Majon assisted several large foreign manufacturing companies to expose their products and services to USA and Canadian consumers and businesses. Marketing efforts also included various product exposures in several additional countries throughout the world.

In its early days, Majon had developed a rich history of marketing novel and unique products on an exclusive basis and then successfully entering those products into various targeted and appropriate marketing channels and market segments on a global scale. See Majon history for further details about the early days.

Today the business at Majon International ( ) has evolved into one of the world's most popular internet marketing and advertising companies. Majon International is lead by Matthew Hesser, CEO of Majon International. He holds a dual - bachelor in science degree in both finance and economics as well as holds a minor degree in marketing. Additionally he has accumulated 20 years of professional business knowledge and experience. The balance of Majon's staff consist of 10 people that collectively provide another 80 years of business, marketing and sales experience. Most Majon personnel and staff members have been with Majon International for a minimum of at least 3 years and have become very skillful and knowledgeable in helping thousands of companies succeed in their online marketing goals and efforts.

Since 1995 Majon International along with their proprietary technology/software and it's staff of 10 people have collectively been providing various internet marketing and advertising services to all sizes of businesses in an online format. Each of the Majon International family of services are continually being updated and are evolving on a regular basis as the dynamics of marketing on the internet continue to change and unfold. Majon International's services have consistently proven to be very successful in helping thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their marketing and advertising success goals. See our many customer testimonials!

Today, Yahoo, Google and many other businesses widely recognize Majon International as one of the worlds most popular marketing and advertising companies on the internet. Visit Majon International to place your company into the arena of greater business potential and marketing exposure!

For a more detailed information visit our company history ... also see our customer testimonials section ...

Address and contact information:

Majon International, P.O. Box 880, Arroyo Grande, CA 93421

Phone: 805-270-5585