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Article Marketing Services

Article Marketing Services: Makes Your Business an Authority & Gives You More Targeted Customers!

  • All Original & Creative Articles Written About YOUR Website & Business
  • All Articles Written by Our Professional USA Writers
  • Expertly Optimized Articles Using Social Signals for Fast Search Engine Ranks in a Post Panda and Penguin World
  • All Articles Posted in our Popular and High Ranking Article Content Directory on
  • Article Placement is Permanent Within Our Well Known Authoritative Article Directory
  • Results in a Fast Indexed and High Ranked Link Pointing Direct to Your Website
  • Gets You The Most Targeted Customers You Can Ever Hope To Get On The Internet
  • Viral Marketing Tool, Is One of the Best Methods Proven to Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

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Original and Professionally Written Articles 100% Related to Your Business


Get Professionally Composed Articles Now!  Your articles will be written in a new and progressive manner designed for fast, high ranking indexing on the worlds best search engines. Your articles will be linked & posted on our esteemed authoritative article directory. This service will grab and captivate your desired target audience and will drive them direct to your online business "money page" via a key relevant link that points direct to your web site.
Increase YOUR online business sales by driving the most targeted, interested people to your web site. Reach the target audience of people who are reading these interesting and informative content article(s) about your company and it's products/services. These readers will eventually become your customers.
Our service will help to position your company as an authority in your subject area. This builds customer retention and more online sales.
Our interesting, informative, professional content articles will engage your audience and dramatically help to improve your search engine ranking too. Search engines love content. Give them high quality content that will drive traffic to your online business direct from the search engines. These articles will attract the right audience of people that will read and link to articles that are interesting and informative for topics they are interested in.

Content articles are an essential part of online marketing and when done properly, they can have a tremendously positive, long term effect on your sales! Effective article marketing is an investment in your business!

We list and link your new content articles in our "authoritative" article directory giving you PERMANENT lifetime links for your articles.


How does the Internet community build more quality links? The answer is with Content Articles and our Article Marketing service! With our service we do it all for you - this is a very effective internet marketing strategy to build more links and gets you highly targeted traffic to your web site. We write the articles in a new innovative and proven effective way that really get your article ranked and read in the major search engines fast! These articles will be  interesting and informative and captivate the interests and desires of your readers. These readers that will become your new customers. You need content and articles that will stand the test of time on a saturated internet environment. Get Article Marketing from the professionals that have stood the test of time!

Read an Excerpt from One of Our Articles...

"Before we start talking seafood, you should understand one thing. This writer is a dyed-in-the-wool New Englander with an Italian heritage and two chefs in the family. We don't just eat seafood, we live with it, argue about it, tell seafood stories and arrange our summer outings to take us to the best seafood restaurants around. The perfect plate of Maine steamers isn't a meal to us, it's an epiphany. We believe that clam chowder is white, serving lobsters without butter is sacrilege, and there's only one use for the bathtub on a summer Saturday morning... to hold the lobsters and clams for the clambake later that afternoon..."

Article Marketing ServicesMany people produce content articles, but there is a real art to creating good quality content articles that will stand up over time as well as be optimized for the best performance in the search engines. For a content article to do well and to rise to the top levels in the vastness of the internet there are a lot of important details that must be handled with expert care. There are so many "garbage" articles being presented and posted to article directories, so much so, that article spam has become a problem.

It's true... Writing an article takes more than a couple of minutes. It comes easily for some people, but it can be downright painful for others. Cutting corners and using the same articles that others have submitted to the search engines and directories will not get you anywhere. Many other written articles are void of any real information or useful content. Still others are simply loaded up with keywords and keyword phrases... not to mention the fact that they are boring and uninteresting. These types of articles are the fastest way to the trash can from a reader point of view and ultimately from a search engine point of view too. The end result for these types of content articles is GIGO. That's right GIGO! Garbage in - Garbage out! You can't do an inferior job and then expect to get better or superior results. Additionally, you can't expect to get people to want to read, link-to and circulate an article that is poorly written, full of mistakes, lacking content and largely neglecting to provide any new or useful information to the reader.

We have the Professional Expertise and We Do All the Work for You...
This is what you get with this all inclusive service...
All original content articles! Content articles help bring in targeted website visitors. This Internet Marketing Service provides quality web links! We provide you with all ORIGINAL content articles! These are NOT rehashed or reworked paragraphs that have been overused elsewhere on the internet. Our service will ALWAYS provide you with ORIGINAL CONTENT articles that are professionally written and meticulously edited. On staff, we have some of the finest writers with years of experience at producing quality "audience pulling" content.
EXPERTLY OPTIMIZED for the SEARCH ENGINES! Article-Ads Internet Marketing Service produces quality web links!All articles are EXPERTLY OPTIMIZED for the SEARCH ENGINES to get the best positioning and rankings in all the top search engines according to the important keywords and keyword phrases that you need to work for your business! There is NO substitute for knowledge and experience and we are the internet marketing professionals with over 15 years of navigating a changing online marketing environment.
High QUALITY, interesting and INFORMATIVE content articles. Website Promotion that makes a difference!Your articles will be PERMANENTLY linked in our highly-regarded "AUTHORITATIVE" article directory and will get indexed immediately from all the MOST Important Search Engines. With High QUALITY, interesting and INFORMATIVE content articles, this can be a direct path to your online success. Articles that are interesting and informative will act like a magnet to draw targeted traffic, over and over again, direct to your website in both the short term and the long term. Our Professional and creative writers will write something informative and interesting for others to read!
DISTRIBUTED throughout the internet in over 400 key placesYour content articles will attract additional people, businesses and targeted customers to read and even copy your articles for their own web sites. We are the marketing experts, we know what works! Your article will serve as a viral marketing tool that will grow in exposure and steadily generate an increasing number of permanent direct web site links that result in even more targeted visitors to your web site. People that read your articles and visit your web site will be among the MOST targeted web site traffic that you can get!
Getting started is easy! If you don't know what your article should be written about, don't worry - our writers will craft your article and will get the job done professionally, accurately and successfully! Writing an original, interesting, informative article is not all that we do.
Shortly after receiving your online order, usually within 7 days, you will by notified that your original content article(s) have been written and also posted within our exclusive "authoritative" article directory.
Just so you know, your article includes being optimizing in expert ways that will truly engage social audiences. With our article marketing service we are using our high level insider information to maneuver and craft your articles in such a way to get them indexed fast in high visibility positions that will attract your specific customer targeting needs.

The important thing for you to know is that we cover all the bases for you! Using this service builds quality relevant web links for you - links that don't tend to go away anytime soon! These act as a valuable source of targeted and relevant web links and targeted traffic for your online business! You will most likely have these web site links for a very long time! That is smart marketing! That is building your web site business now and on into the future!

Client Testimonials

Dollar for dollar, Majon International is money well spent. For more web visitors, sales and success I highly recommend Majon. It doesn't matter what business or ideas you are promoting they can help you. Professional, helpful and knowledgeable experience on the net to ensure sales... that's what they offer and that's what you get with Majon!

Tom Kober

I can't say enough good things about the RESULTS provided by the work done by Majon.  They did article marketing work for us and we're still seeing link juice from some work done two years ago. Inbound linking can be time consuming and there are plenty of companies out there who will promise the world and then deliver only excuses. Majon has impressed us with their professionalism and taking the burden off of us to do that tedious work of generating in-bound links from relevant content.

Wayne S. Fenstermacher
Proprietor & Founder

Screen Shot 1

Article Ads Services Significantly Raised Customer Ranking in Google Search Results

For the keywords "choosing sport clothing" Google shows that there are almost 2 million listings. As you can see, an article that we wrote for a customer is Ranked Number 2 on page one in Google. But there are even more benefits in this case... That is, our customers web site is now also in the Number 1 position on Google!

Screen Shot 2

Article Ads Services Significantly Raised Customer Ranking in Google Search Results

Shown above for the keywords "finding a pet carrier" Google shows that there are over 1.9 million listings. In this case you can see that two different articles that we wrote for our customers are Ranked both Number 1 and Number 2 on page one in Google!

Screen Shot 3

Article Ads Services Significantly Raised Customer Ranking in Google Search Results

Now shown above, let's take a look at some even tougher keywords... "computers, printers and toner." Out of Google's 1.9 million listings for these keywords, our customer's article is Ranked Number 1 on page one... just above Wikipedia... Article Marketing is a website promotion and online marketing bargain!

With our Professional Service & Marketing Expertise...
Writing Articles, Article Marketing, Getting Targeted Traffic
& Building Permanent Links...
Have Never Been Easier!

Every content article that we write on your behalf will give readers important information in an interesting and informative way, yet leave the reader still wanting for more information... and that is precisely where your link will be placed! This sends traffic and visitors direct to your web site! These are the most targeted web visitors that you can get!

With our article marketing service the end results are that you get high quality, targeted traffic that will find their way direct to your web site. These type of visitors... the type that read through your article and then click on your link are a much more targeted audience and have a much higher probability of making a purchase and becoming your valued customer than just about any other type of traffic that you could hope to buy or find on the internet!

This is a search engine marketing method that has proven highly successful and works very well in both the near term and in the long run. A well written, interesting and informative article can get you thousands of really great web links pointing direct to your site! High Quality content articles with the proper Article Marketing and exposure can be "timeless" and provide permanent web site links and targeted traffic direct to your website for YEARS to come! You NEED this service!

Our article marketing service provides valuable text links pointing direct to your web site that are important for your business in the search engines because they determine your web site's rank/position in the search engines for those relevant keywords and phrases. Your organic listings in the search engines provide targeted traffic to your web business that you don't have to pay for every time someone clicks thru to your site! Article marketing is a MUST for your business. Get professional article marketing today, it provides some of the best and most targeted traffic you can get for your online business!




Article Marketing...
Unique & Original, Professionally Written Articles...
All Articles Linked & Listed PERMANENTLY in Our "Authoritative" Article Directory!
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Article Marketing - Article Ads Service


One Time

1 Article

1 Original Article Written

BONUS: Your article is PERMANENTLY linked in our "authority" website article directory!


$125 /month
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3 Articles

3 Original Articles Written

BONUS: Your articles are PERMANENTLY linked in our "authority" website article directory!


$280 /month
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