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Majon International 1995-01-01
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"Six months ago I used your Press Release Distribution service on a friend's recommendation. I have to say it has been the smartest marketing decision I have made to date. The exposure my business has received has been tremendous. I have had photos of my product appear in at least 15 publications including 2 major magazines, and have had feature articles written about me and my product in various newspapers, including my local paper who did a full page article with pictures. To this day, I'm still getting interest from magazine editors. Your service has really helped me to grow my business and given me the exposure to add credibility to my product. I highly recommend Majon's Press Release Distribution service as a wise investment of your marketing dollars. It's a small amount of money to spend for a large return to your business. Thank you Majon!"

Leigh-Ann Kline
"My web business was only three months old when I decided to give a try. I had set modest, but increasing sales goals each month and just barely made them. My new business was off to a successful start. I decided to set a very ambitious new goal for April and looked to to help me make it. I was shocked by what happened. I actually almost tripled my already high goal for the month. Further, my Alexa rankings jumped by 3 points! After four months, my business is now at the income level that I thought was going to take us a full year to achieve. I can't wait to see what happens next! Thanks Majon!"

Scott Marlow
"As an Online Retailer the need to succeed and standout is crucial. You have competition from multi-million/billion dollar companies that leave very little room for the small business person. Majon International has offered us that advantage necessary to stand out in an over saturated market. Utilizing their Mall Link service has without a doubt increased our traffic and resulted in increased sales. The resulting sales revenue totally justified the investment. We recommend them to any company seeking to get the most out of their marketing dollar and position their company site at the top."
 Jennifer Lang
"Majon has helped put our business on the first search results page of Google, MSN and more for many of our products. The incoming links provided by their Mall Link service are a tremendous asset. Selling silver jewelry online is a very competitive business and we need every advantage we can get, to help us rank as highly in searches as possible. We also save time with Majon's Advanced Ad Search Engine Registration service. Bottom line - Majon helps our business gain valuable exposure. This is our third year as customers and we plan to stick with Majon for a long time because they do what they say - they deliver! BTW, I really mean that too!!! ..."

Robert Edwards
Jewelry 24 Seven
"I'm in SHOCK! Just a few days ago, I purchased QuickLinkPro from I submitted my web site to many web sites using that service. The next day I checked my web site stats. The traffic to my web site more than doubled! And now my site traffic continues to greatly increase each passing day. I never expected such impressive results this fast! Thanks Majon for helping me to put my web site on the (Internet) Map! QuickLinkPro is the best web site linking service I've ever used (and I've used several). Keep up the good work Majon -- you rule in my book!"

Click 2 Net Resources
"I have used the Quick Link Pro Service which was very good for my web site. I got a lot of good exposure on the internet. I enjoyed sumbitting my information on a daily basis. I know that this was helpful for my web site exposure because there were many new customers that logged into my site that I just did not have before. Thank you Majon International."

Theresa Fondel
Tiques Uniques
"As a newcomer to pay per click, pop unders and other paid advertising methods, I had great difficulty understanding the basics, let alone what I needed to do to keep from throwing money into the ppc pit. By the time I found Majon (search engine review), I was both frustrated and tired of the same "tons of traffic" adds that threw dazzle and sparkle all across my monitor. So, instead of just jumping in with $$ this time, I actually asked to speak with a representative. To my surprise, I promptly received an email back with answers to a couple of my questions, and a number I could call if I had more! What a refreshing change of pace."
 "As the discussion proceeded, I was quite candid about recent experiences and then explained I was able to generate traffic from ppc advertising (at maximum cost!), but minimal sales resulted. Instead of your representative "making the quick sale", she took the time to look at my site and honestly told me I would have trouble getting a decent conversion rate unless I somehow made my site more unique. I was amazed with the upfront response and I had a pretty good idea she was probably correct. But, since the services were both competitively priced, I decided to go ahead and give two separate services a try anyway.
 When I did that, I accidently double ordered and ended up with twice the traffic and twice the cost that I intended. No problem, she canceled one of the campaigns and although it was my error, Majon did not deduct a single bit of the traffic I received from the duplicte order. But that's not even the best part ... after the agreed amount of traffic was achieved, they even let the campaigns continue to run for quite a bit longer!
 Bottom-line... Majon over-delivered in every area. My site is gaining on the "uniqueness" needed to succeed, and when I'm finally ready again, you can bet Majon will be one of the first places I go to jump start my web site traffic again. Why? -> Everybody else just wanted my one time sale. Majon wanted to help generate a long term relationship... and they have! Many thanks Majon!"

Dave York
DMCX Health
"Thank you very much for the Quick Link Pro service. I have used it for some time now and it really helps my site expose on the internet. Since using Quick Link Pro my site has received more and more visitors. It is very nice. Thanks Majon!"

Roger Luo
Mall Supplier