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Majon International 1995-01-01
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"Dollar for dollar, Majon International is money well spent. For more hits, sales, and success I recommend Majon. It doesn't matter what business idea(s) you are promoting they can help you. Helpful experience on the net to ensure sales, that's what they offer, that's what you get. Thanks Majon, and good luck to all."

Tom Kober
"Although my efforts to keep a steady flow of new visitors to my website had resulted in modest success, those initiatives eventually dried up and I was faced with a dwindling flow of customers. After completing a detailed review of available internet marketing services designed to help increase website traffic, I decided to enlist the help of At first glance, all the marketing businesses seemed to be similar in products and services offered. However, upon closer review and comparison, I found the services offered by to be substantially more creative and a willingness on their part to tailor the services to my specific needs. Moreover, and most noteworthy, they were extremely helpful in ensuring my satisfaction with their services. In fact, I purchased one of their services that would not work with the product offered on my website and upon informing, they quickly substituted that service for another, more expensive service without any additional charge. The result was an enormous increase in traffic to my website. Over the next several weeks I enjoyed approximately a 600% increase in site traffic. I have used a lot of internet marketing services from other companies, but only delivered what they promised and more."

Gary Kurz
"Majon handled our first ever press release very well. This is why we want to bring our other marketing business to you as well."

James McEvoy
Alternative International
"You guys delivered again! I want to say, there are many marketing agencies on the internet but you guys at Majon surpass them all! I have to say that Majon gives quality personal service and delivers on all it claims. If I had known about Majon from the start I could have saved myself a lot of money. Majon delivers the goods at an affordable price. Thank you so much!"

Phil Hynes
"Since we first started our company website, nothing we have done has helped our internet marketing more than Majon International and the products and services they offer. If it was just to receive the monthly news letters and marketing updated each month, it would still be a bargain that I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in starting or improving an internet business. Their hints and tricks to help you gain high listings on the search engines is invaluable information that many would be more than happy to pay thousands of dollars researching and learning. Results in internet marketing are what you take to the bank and Majon has continued to increase our online sales month after month.

Majon International knows what they are doing and they pass that information along to their customers so they too can benefit. Our search engine listings would never be as good as they are now if it wasn't for the continuous support of Majon International and the services they offer. Last month we celebrated our 5000th order and our website peaked with over 700,000 hits, 38,000 page views and 14,000 unique visitors. The best thing about these numbers is that we know that they are going to continue to grow and grow. We have tried several different internet campaigns including many very expensive pay per click options but until we discovered Majon International, the gains were stagnant and only short lived. With the help of Majon International our website has finally started a steady and predictable upward climb in visitors as well as paid completed orders! Thanks Majon! Happy Winds!"

Kent Kingston
Customer Service
"Looking on the internet for ways to promote my web site was a very difficult and somewhat painful experience with all the so called claims that say ... we will get you on the first page of SE's in one day etc... Ha, Ha, Yeah sure! I had been receiving updates from Majon International for the past year because I signed up for their info. Then I finally decided to call them on the phone and Marti returned my call immediately and went over what I need to do to properly promote my site. I found the Company was very knowledgeable in SE optimization and Marti suggested areas on Majon that would help my company become more recognizable on the internet. Less than one month later, I found my site was more active in customer response rates because of the help from the Majon International team - they are a group of very knowledgeable people. They follow thru on their promise to list your web site in the best Mall Link categories. A special thanks to Marti and all at Majon! I look forward to doing even more focused and targeted advertising for my company with Majon. I submitted my key words and subject line for my business and they put it all together and even suggested a few changes on my web site that would be best to help promote my site. I highly recommend their expertise in this field to promote any site that you have and bring you the traffic that you would expect and to market your online business thanks to all at Majon!"

Dave Chretien
"I have been involved in an online home business for a couple of years and I recently discovered Majon's products which are great for promoting my website. Their products are quick and easy to order and I am really satisfied with the results! Thanks Majon!"

Thomas Syvertsen
"I am more than glad to write something about Majon because it really worked for me when I advertised my site I can tell you that as the webmaster of 4 websites one of which, Netarabic gets more than 800,000 page views and more than 60,000 unique visitors a day, I can definitely thank Majon for their help to kick start my on-line businesses …”

Ram JK