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Click Exposure Targeted Web Traffic

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  • Thousands of Targeted Customers and Web Visitors Sent Direct to Your Web Site
  • Buy Website Traffic & Real Visitors - Arriving from High-Quality Redirected Domain Names & Web Sites
  • Over 150+ Targeted Categories of Live Targeted Traffic to Choose From
  • Only Unique Ad Campaign Visitors Get Counted - 24 Hour Unique Traffic!
  • Simplest Way to Bring Targeted Traffic & Potential Customers to Your Site in Bulk
  • USA Web Site Traffic OR Worldwide Traffic Available Now
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Imagine... Increasing Your Business Visibility Dramatically With Our Full Page - Targeted - All USA - 24-Hr Unique - Web Traffic Service!

Online businesses MUST have visitors and traffic to visit their websites in order to generate online sales. The more targeted and timely that traffic is the higher the probability of making a sale to those visitors. With our service we send you the best targeted website visitors that your business can use to succeed online. Get GUARANTEED Targeted Web Traffic - we make it affordable and cost effective! Purchase the amount of targeted website traffic that you need today!

Order Today & Start Receiving Targeted Web Traffic Tomorrow! 

We offer 2 service option selections. Each provide different levels of web site traffic to generate real customers and targeted visitors arriving to your web site everyday.

The 1st service option level - Full Page, Targeted, All USA, 24 Hour Unique Web Traffic - All on a very high quality network and it all 100% real people and is absolutely the best web site traffic for it's price. This high quality web site traffic option has proven to be extremely effective in generating great results and online success for many businesses. Our 2nd level service option shown further below is for those businesses that really need a huge volume of traffic arriving to their site.

This 2nd service option level - Full Page, Targeted or Non-Targeted, All Worldwide Traffic. This service option is available in volume purchases starting at 5 million visitors. The actual traffic selection type that is best for you and your business will be determined by your online goals and your overall business model.

#1 Service Option Selection
Full Page - Targeted - All USA - 24-Hr Unique - Redirected Web Traffic

Service Option #1 - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Our 150+ Categories Provide the Targeting & Reach into All Niche Audiences!

Quality - Targeted - All USA - 24-Hour Unique Redirected Web Traffic Advertising - This is the best, cost effective web traffic solution where you can drive unlimited targeted website traffic and visitors to your website! With this marketing selection you will get thousands of real targeted people to actually see and visit your web site at the exact time that they are looking for your type of products or services! This option gets you quality web site traffic that has been targeted according to the various subject categories that you select when ordering! View our list of over 150+ available targeted categories.

Order Today & Start Receiving Targeted Web Traffic Tomorrow!  

How Our Network and Redirected Traffic Works... We have our own extensive network of web sites and domain names, as well as have many established relationships with other popular, high traffic web sites and valuable web site domain properties. 

Ownership of each of these web sites, domains and special ad networks allow us to place specific coding on the web sites or computers (with the permission of owners) that will cause a Redirection of All the Incoming Web Visitors to Arrive at a FULL Page View of Your Web Site! For each of the website visitors that go to any of these specific categorized web sites, domains and urls in your chosen category - that traffic is automatically "Redirected" to your web site. This gives YOU highly targeted traffic from motivated customers - right at the time when they are ready to buy!

If you are still not sure what a targeted redirected domain really is then click on the link ahead that says baltimore-ravens. You will see the domain name is actually: but that the domain is automatically being redirected to go to a sports oriented site. It could just have easily been redirected to go to your web page if you were needing the type of visitor that would be going to a type page.  With tens of thousands of sites in the network, now YOU can get targeted redirected web site traffic of real people arriving direct to YOUR web site business!

We have classified all of our web sites and domain names into over 150+ available targeted categories and subject matters that you can choose! Try one category or mix and match two or three different categories, it is your choice! You will be able to select your targeted traffic categories after ordering.

Your Ad Campaign you will get all UNIQUE 24 Hour USA Visitors arriving direct to your site! In other words any duplicate visitors that arrive to your site within a 24 hour period will not get counted toward your total traffic!

All of our redirected targeted USA traffic comes from REAL PEOPLE & REAL VISITORS that are highly motivated and interested in your particular subject matter! This is why our service gets such great results and many people choose to use or service over and over again!

    Guaranteed - Targeted - All USA - 24 Hr Unique - Redirected Website Visitors
    Over 150+ Targeted Categories to Choose From!

    Get 60% More Traffic When Ordering the MONTHLY Option!


    15,000 Unique Targeted USA Web Visitors - monthly

    GUARANTEED Visitors to your website for the
    category you select!

    $99 /month Add To Cart

    10,000 Unique Targeted USA Web Visitors - one-time

    GUARANTEED Visitors to your website for the
    category you select!

    $99 Add To Cart

    40,000 Unique Targeted USA Web Visitors - monthly

    GUARANTEED Visitors to your website for the
    category you select!

    $199 /month Add To Cart

    25,000 Unique Targeted USA Web Visitors - one-time

    GUARANTEED Visitors to your website for the
    category you select!

    $199 Add To Cart

    100,000 Unique Targeted USA Web Visitors - monthly

    GUARANTEED Visitors to your website for the
    category you select!

    $399 /month Add To Cart

    60,000 Unique Targeted USA Web Visitors - one-time

    GUARANTEED Visitors to your website for the
    category you select!

    $399 Add To Cart
    Click to see sample information required when ordering (Step 5 of ordering process)
    BEST Offer!  Notice! You Get UP TO 60% MORE Web Traffic  FREE for the Same Price - When You Order the MONTHLY Option!
    SPECIAL Limited Time MONTHLY Service Offer!

    Take advantage of our monthly targeted traffic ad program today! We know the secret to successful advertising - that is repetition and exposure! The more advertising you do the more you build your brand and get your products and services out in front of targeted potential customers. Repetition is the key to success. Just sign up for our monthly option and agree to automatically purchase the same amount of web traffic for at least TWO MONTHS in a row and you will get up to 60% more web traffic for the same price! Also, you will continue to get that extra free traffic each and every month that you remain in our program! You may cancel at any time but if you keep your successful ad campaign active we will continue to give you up to 60% more targeted web traffic every month for the SAME PRICE!

#2 Service Option Selection HIGH VOLUME Accounts
Full Page - Targeted or Non-Targeted - Worldwide Global Traffic

targeted traffic selection 2 Service Selection #2 - Worldwide Traffic Targeted OR Non-Targeted Worldwide Traffic

Available only in higher quantities .... we can provide you with high volume, high quality, TARGETED or NON-TARGETED WORLDWIDE Traffic. This traffic selection option will display your web site to thousands of potential buyers and customers! Special Pricing! This option is for VOLUME purchasers only.
Traffic is delivered via a mixture of all three methods of popunders, pop-ups and redirected domains. Our proprietary POP-UNDER technology will cause your web site to automatically load in the background of targeted web pages. Your POP-Under web traffic ad does NOT get counted and applied toward your purchased quantity until after approximately 25 seconds of it being displayed to the web visitors. This unique time delay technology will make sure that you are not wasting money and paying for wasted traffic or ads that have already been closed by the user before fully loaded or read! Additionally, the technology that we use for this particular program is unique. Our pop-under traffic used in our networks CANNOT BE STOPPED by regular pop-up/pop-under killing software! We use unique and proprietary technology so that your website will be seen!<

The Targeted Traffic Option is available in over 150+ available targeted categories

Volume web traffic advertising is a great way to add new customers to your business! We do not overload web sites and visitors with these pop-under windows... they are carefully placed - and in ways to allow for maximum appeal! Large companies such as AOL, Microsoft, and Disney use this type of advertising to promote their products and services all the time. Now you can use the same proven successful technique and advertising for your business. Order Now!

Our recommendation as professionals in the industry is to use targeted web traffic as part of your main internet marketing mix. If you need higher volumes of web traffic go with the service selection #2 shown below. Tests have shown that targeted web traffic ad campaigns in many cases are more effective than email ad campaigns!

When you order any of our click exposure traffic generating services listed on our order form, we will provide you with a member account so that you can view your actual web visitor traffic that is sent to your site and chart your progress.

Guaranteed High-Volume Website Visitors

5,000,000 Worldwide Visitors - Targeted

GUARANTEED 5,000,000 Visitors to your website for the
category you select! (Select traffic categories after ordering)

$2900 one time
Add To Cart

5,000,000 Worldwide Run-of-Web Visitors - Non-Targeted

GUARANTEED 5,000,000 Visitors to your website. Non-Targeted Visitors

$1500 one time
Add To Cart
Click to see sample information required when ordering (Step 5 of ordering process)


Effective internet marketing and website promotion requires a proper mix of the right advertising services and various approaches to get your web site thoroughly entrenched on the internet!
Order any of the monthly service options, and as you can see you will be getting up to 60% EXTRA Web Site Traffic Absolutely FREE when compared to the one-time order option!

Repetition Builds Familiarity! Consistency Builds Success!
Targeted Traffic Builds Sales!

Your Satisfaction is GUARANTEED!
Order Now! Limited Time Offer!

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